The YAGNM Air classifier Mill (ACM) is an air classifying mill with integrated grinding, classifying, conveying, and collecting functions for achieving ultra-fine grinding (up to 2 micron*) based on the type of product.

With an air classifying mill/ air classifier mill (ACM), hygroscopic, heat-sensitive and explosive materials can be ground in inert gas / closed loop systems using dry chilled air. To ensure uniformity and homogeneity, we engineered our classifiers to produce steep particle size distributions.

Air Classifier Mill (Screenless Equipment) are ideally designed for micro fine particle size. High air through put, unique multi-tip rotor and serrated liners create numerous air-whirls, turbulence and progressive grinding. The direction and speed of particle is suddenly changed within extremely short period, resulting into turbulent collision between particles.This ensures micronized fine & free-flowing product. Air classifier controls the top cut size. and air classifier mill machines manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers and traders in India and worldwide from Gujarat and Mumbai since 1960 as per the ISO standards with required industrial features and specifications

Working Principle

A variable feed screw mechanism transports the material from the hopper to the grinding chamber. Grinder discs grind products when they come into contact with pins or bars. The particles are ejected by the ambient air stream into the shroud and entrained by a baffled air dispersion ring before being ejected into the separator assembly as the particles are reduced in size.

High-efficiency bag filters collect acceptable product from the exhaust. Particles that are too large are carried downwards by the circulating air stream and returned to the Rotor for further grinding.

The ACM Plant Comprises:

  • An ACM mill grinds and classifies material.
  • Pulse jet cleaning of high-efficiency bag filters
  • Utilizing rotary airlocks to seal the air and discharge debris from the bag filters.
  • Bag Filter Rotating Airlock (for air sealing and material discharge)
  • Centrifugal fan (for cooling and conveying products through the mill.)
  • Control Panel for sequentially starting and stopping a milling plant
Mill Main Motor HP Rotor RPM Classifier Motor HP Classifier RPM
ACM 5 5 9400 1 5400
ACM 10 10 7000 1.5 5000
ACM 30 30 4600 7.5 2500
ACM 30 (ID) 30 5000 7.5 3000
ACM 60 60 3000 15 2000
ACM 60(ID) 60 3500 15 3000
ACM 75(ID) 75 3500 15 3000
ACM 100 100 3000 15 2000
ACM 100(ID) 100 3500 15 3000
ACM 120 120 2200 20 1800
ACM 150 150 2200 20 1800
ACM 200 200 2200 30 1800
Chemical Food, Spices &
Paints & Pigments Pharma-ceutical Agro-chemicals Minerals
Phenolic resins Turmeric Pigments Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Wettable pesticides Calcined clay
Toner Powders Gluten Dyes Bulk Drugs Insectides Kaolin
Talc Sugar Colours Nutraceuticals Fungicides
PPT Silica Soya Powder coatings Proteins Herbicides Wollastonite
Metal Stearates Ultrafine flour of
pulses, grain
Food Colour Ceramic Colours
Modified Starch Besan (gram flour)
  • Simple, modern, and economical
  • High Pressure Mills for dust explosions
  • Hygroscopic and explosive materials can be handled with closed loop systems in an inert atmosphere.
  • This system uses a heat exchanger to grind non- explosive heat-sensitive material.
  • It grinds and sorts in one machine with online granulation adjustment.
  • Dustless operation.
  • Consistent particle size distribution with narrow bandwidth
  • Online classifiers (Micron separators) are available for mills to achieve sharper particle cutting.
  • Low specific energy consumption.
  • ACM variants with independent drive classifiers are available for sticky materials.
  • For safe operation, all YAGNM ACM mills are equipped with protection devices. On top of the grinding chamber cover, there is a safety switch. As a result, the drive motors cannot be switched on while the grinding is in progress.
  • Control panel and MCC are supplied with the plant, which include the necessary interlocks and operating switches.
  • A rigid welded steel frame supports the mill and all its components. A dynamic balance ensures a smooth operation. This mill requires no special foundation.



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