The Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder consists of a tray made of mild steel and a body housing the electromagnet. The tray which is connected to the armature of the magnet vibrates as the magnet gets energised. The vibration sets the material in motion. Controlling of vibration gives the controlled flow of the material. The body housing the electromagnet is made in totally enclosed design to prevent dusting.

Electro-Magnetic Vibrating Feeders Ideal for bulk material flow in feeding mixing and packaging operations. Vibrating Feeders offer unmatched flexibility and reliability, making them ideally suited for a number of applications and materials. They are typically used in feeding, mixing blending. batching, grinding, packaging, flaking, freezing and drying applications. Whether the material is hot or coarse, dry or damp, light or heavy, these versatile units handle it with ease and efficiency.

Working Principle

Like all vibrating feeders, an electromagnetic vibrating feeder moves product by making the feeder tray vibrate..

The product sits in the tray. When the tray vibrates, the product moves in a series of small hops. This series of hops combine to create the constant motion of the product.

The direction of movement is determined by the angle of the springs. The product will move up from the tray, perpendicular to the angle of the springs.

Electromagnetic vibratory feeders can be supplied from few grams to 100 tons per hour capacity or more. They can also handle slightly wet material. Electromagnetic vibratory feeders can also be used for screening by fixing a screen over the tray.

These screens have been very successful for screening free flowing material, as the use of moving parts, eccentrics, etc. have been completely eliminated in this application.The vibratory feeders tabled below, operate at 230 Volts A.C. single phase system. The bigger size feeders beyond 100 T.P.H operate at 440 Volts A.C. Two phase.

The vibratory feeder can be supplied either in floor mounted or suspension mounted design as required.Electromagnetic vibratory feeder is easy to install and operate. It hardly needs any maintenance because of absence of moving parts.

The Hammer Mill Plant Includes

  • Hammer Mill with External Control Feed
  • High efficiency bag filter with fully automatic pulse jet cleaning for dust free operation
  • Rotary Airlock used as an air seal and discharge material from bag filter.
  • Fan to provide air flow through the mill and the collector for product conveying
  • Control Panel for sequential starting and stopping of the milling plant
Model A B K M D E F C ØH Weight of Drive (Kgs) Approx Power Consumption (Walts) Approx Current Input (Amps) Max Tray Size (mm) Feed Rate (TPH)
Width Length
SFF-1 75 225 165 57 115 25 25 75 6 5 15 0.20 300 50 0.60
SFF-2 125 275 143 80 153 15 45 95 9 15 30 0.75 600 200 10.00
SFF-3 200 370 225 150 220 25 115 80 M-8 32 100 2.25 1000 300 7.50
SFF-4 265 390 190 195 270 30 127 100 M-12 64 180 4.00 1500 300 25.00
Model Type Rot Dia
in mm
Chamber Width
in mm
RecoH Mended
Motor rpm
Over Dim. In Meter
Capacity Kg/hr.upto.
250 150 4500-6000 2880 460/350/530 150
HM-MS0 300 200 4000-4500 2880 550/400/650 300
HM-MS1 450 220 3000-3500 2880 800/600/850 750
HM-MS2 450 300 2500-3000 2880 800/700/850 1200
HM-MS3 600 360 2000-2200 1440 900/800/1000 4500
HM-MS4 750 450 1800-2000 1440 1100/900/1350 7500
HM-MS5 900 550 1400-1600 1440 1300/1000/1650 10000
HM-MS6 1050 650 1200-1400 1440 1500/1200/1200 15000

The Hammer Mill Plant Includes

  • Conveying
  • Mixing
  • Kilns
  • Packaging
  • Colour Sorter
  • Feeding into Belt conveyors & Bucket Elevators
  • Hopper / Silo Unloading
  • Weigh hopper
  • Crusher
  • Ball Mill
  • Tube Mill
  • Cooling
  • De-watering
  • Sieving & many more.

Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders



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