Yagnm Industries manufactures a range of Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers in customized and standardized configurations.

Optimal dryer efficiency is achieved by jacketing our Rotary Cone Vacuum Dryers (RCVDs). For even product drying, a heat transfer fluid, usually hot water, steam, or vapour, circulates around the conical jacket. In the absence of plant services, Standard can supply a supporting Thermal Control Unit.

Considering the shape of the vessel, the Standard dryer thoroughly mixes and dries the entire batch of product as it rotates. By blending and interfolding, uniform temperatures are maintained and cold spots do not cause re-condensation. Following this, we use a high vacuum to remove any remaining moisture, and because the vessel has a conical shape, the batch can be easily discharged and cleaned.

To make a product, raw materials are dried and mixed in a rotary cone vacuum dryer. A machine like this can be used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical materials, insecticides, pesticides, food products, and cosmetics. In accordance with ISI guidelines, Yagnm Industries Pvt Ltd is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of rotary cone vacuum dryers. From India and all over the world, we have fulfilled all of our customers' requirements since 1990.

Working Principle

The RCVD encourages improved drying effectiveness, low-temperature tasks, and the economy of the procedure by complete dissolvable recuperation. It helps cGMP based working by accomplishing ideal residue control while offering different advantages of charging and releasing of materials.

The drying unit furnished with lump breakers breaks huge bumps and thus powders them (in single cones). The rotating activity of the dryer along with the mechanical activity of the breakers chops down drying time and gives an irregularity free product.

A rotary cone vacuum dryer is used for drying and mixing raw materials to make a product. This machine can be used in pharmaceutical materials, making insecticides, pesticides, and also for food products and cosmetics.

We are a well-known organization for rotary cone vacuum dryer manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters according to ISI guidelines. We have fulfilled every customer’s requirements since 1995.

  • Ideal and ceaseless vacuum maintenance during handling.
  • Working rotary cone connector thoroughly watertight during activity.
  • Simple stacking with a fast release.
  • Uniform material rearranging over the warmed contact surface of the cone.
  • Appropriate size condensers and recipients for dissolvable assortment.
  • Preventive controls on Energy heads to keep up operational productivity.



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