Operating Pricniple

Besan Grinding Plant is economical unit specially designed for Gram dal for time saving operation. The Feed hopper is suitable to store gram dal. Below the feed hopper Vibratory Feeder is fitted. The Vibratory feeder is regulates its speed by speed controller to regulate feed of gram dal before entering into Besan Grinding Mill. The Besan grinding millis technically designed to grind gram dal in one operation only. The grinding chamber is fitted with serrated fine liners and main shaft assembly is fitted with bar type Hammer which is fixed with carbide tip for long life of hammer.

The inbuilt Air Blower is specially designed to suck all Besan without getting high temperature. The mixture of air and Besan is delivering to cyclone separator through the air tight pipe line. The cyclone separator is efficiently separate air and Besan. The besan is getting collected through Rotary Air Lock valve at the bottom with dust free operation. The dirty air is separated from top of the cyclone separator and passes though the pipe into the Pulse Jet Dust Collector. The Pulse Jet Dust Collector is fitted with non woven oil repellent and moisture repellent air filter which is separate the dust and clean air. The clean air is passes away into the atmosphere from the top of the Pulse jet dust collector.

Standard Supply

Besan Grinding Plant is complete with Feed Hopper along with Vibratory Feeder, Besan Grinding Mill with inbuilt air blower assembly, mounting frame for Mill and Electric Motor, Set of Slide rail for Motor, Set of 'V' belt, Set of Anti Vibration mounting pads, Set of safety guard for drive accessories, Set of pipe line, Cyclone separator with mounting stand, Set of Rotary Air lock valve, Set of PVC Pipe line for Pulse jet dust collector and Set of Pulse Jet dust collector assembly.

Necessary But Optional Supply(At Extra Cost)

  • 1. Electric Motor for Mill
  • 2. Electrical Panel Box with starter DOL/Star Delta & ampere meter for load indicator.
  • 3. Air Compressor

Model No. Rotor Dia
(in mm)
Chamber Width
(in mm)
Recommended Motor
Over Dim. In Meter
ASM-MS05 250 130 5*2880 3.0*2.0*3.0 50-60
ASM-MS10 300 200 10*2880 4.0*3.0*4.0 100-120
ASM-MS20 450 220 20*2880 5.0*4.0*4.0 200-250
ASM-MS40 600 360 40*1440 7.5*5.0*5.0 400-500
ASM-MS60 750 450 60*1440 10.0*7.5*5.0 600-800
ASM-MS75 900 550 75*1440 12.5*10.0*6.0 1000-1200
ASM-MS100 1050 650 100*1440 15.0*12.5*6.0 1800-2000
ASM-MS125 1200 750 125*1440 18.0*15.0*6.0 1800-2000
ASM-MS150 1350 950 150*1440 20.0*18.0*8.0 2200-2400
ASM-MS200 1500 900 200*1440 25.0*20.0*8.0 2800-3000



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